A great eco story meets the desire
to value our planet and oceans


These bags are designed to carry the heaviest of items up to 16kg and have soft handles designed for customers comfort. Made using a special PEFC/FSC paper that’s considerably more durable than standard paper, they are super strong, water and tear resistant. A square base with large side gussets allows this bag to sit upright and open for fast easy packing. With cleverly concealed handles, the bag folds neatly for storage, ready for reuse.

  • FSC/PEFC Paper

  • Weight Tested to 16kg

  • Tear Resistant

  • Concealed Handles

  • Soft hold Handles

  • Custom Sizes

  • Custom Branding

  • Colour Handles Option

  • Printing Available All 4 Sides


A Circular Economy Story, AB Group Packaging manufactures
only truly sustainable/circular paper carrier bag solutions.

Paper bags are made from trees, a truly
renewable resource. Fact: In Europe between 2005-2015,
land under forestation has grown by approx the size of Switzerland as Paper Mills responsibly assure
their supply of pulp for the generations to come.

96% of the Europe population has access to
paper and paperboard community recycling

The European paper recovery rate
for 2017 was 72% with a commitment
to reach 74% by 2020.


AB Group Packaging is one of the Europe's and the USA’s most flexible manufacturers of
high-quality printed-paper bags for leading national and international brands.

Full service company

We carefully consider each brands unique P.O.S journey and vibe. We manage all the details from design to distribution programs and operate in tandem with stores own systems and warehousing.

Strategically located for speedy supply

We operate high volume production capacity and offer advanced ordering and short lead times at our manufacturing plants in UK, Ireland, Spain and the USA.

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