What's your reusable paper bag story?

A New Choice at Checkout:

It's a fact! Customers want choice when it comes to carrier bags at checkout, and every shopper brings a different set of preferences and values to their decision. Consider also that every time a customer shops, the trend is to match the choice of carrier bag to their particular need and circumstance at that point. The reusable paper bag brings a new dimension to choice, a niche product that fills a gap in a fast paced, complex convenience-driven market.

What’s your Reusable Paper Bag Story?

There's Kudos in Paper! Whether it’s a festival, special event, food, fashion or retail store, the impeccable eco credentials of the reusable paper bag meets demand for a reusable carrier bag customers can feel good about carrying. A paper bag is also an excellent medium for creative promotion. Design something truly iconic and memorable for your brand to be reused again and again to make the memory last - a new product opportunity for promoting your brands story.

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